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TeamINSIGHT offers extensive, data-driven insights about founding teams' startup building competencies, their strenghts and development needs via a robust dashboard both in abstract, and fully-detailed level.

Accurate prediction

TeamINSIGHT is geard-towards measuring scientifically proven predictors of human behavior. Our questionnaire has an 80%+ predictive validity and is developed by assessment expert psychologists.

Instant results


After completion, assesment results are immediately available for both test-takers and investors. Compare applicants, build teams, find the best fit to hire based on reliable data.

Team assessment tool for startups and early investors

Get psychology-backed insights about startup founders' and teams' competencies and get to know if they can turn an idea into a marketable product.


We made beliefs measureable

Startups and early investors believe that their teams are going to make it, but none of them have objective, measureable data about team members' competencies that are necessary for the success. TeamINSIGHT provides detailed, comprehensive, data-driven insights about founders' competencies and team dynamics.


Easy and effective assessment process

Invite applicants

Manage assessments

Select teams

Sign up, select from our test modules and invite teams or individuals you'd like to assess.

Keep track of or request new assessments and check results immediately on your dashboard.

Filter invited applicants by their results or browse in existing reports in our database.

Science behind TeamINSIGHT

Behavior vs. Personality

There are numerous scientific evidence in assessment literature that behavior is 60% better predictor of task performance than personality. Moreover, through learning and focused development, human behavior is flexible and variable, while personality is solid and constant. There is no such thing as successful personality! Steve Jobs was quite the opposite of Mark Zuckerberg, yet both of them became hugely successful. The only thing that made two very different person successful, is their behavior.

Personality is broad, behavior is task-specific

Our high scientific standards and unique, startup-specific approach towards behavior assessment make us stand out from existing personality assessment tools.

Behavior behind success and failure

"Are they going to make it?"

We know how the ones who didn’t make it, behaved. Based on our thorough world-wide psychology research of 32 failed startups in 17 countries, we identified 12 behavioral competencies that are highly correlating with failure in the early stages of startup development. We measure these competencies to highlight risks and give development tips for teams and investors. 
We constantly collect data to improve our model and algorithm to build a world-wide benchmark of startup competencies.

Access data fast and easy


Collect data by inviting applicants via email or through a unique link on your application form and see results instantly on your dashboard.

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Have an online application site or portfolio management platform? Use our API and get information tailored to your needs.

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